Gary Peters for Congress releases new TV Ad – “Results”

Detroit, MI – Today U.S. Congressman Gary Peters released his newest TV ad, “Results.” This ad highlights Peters’ effective leadership and record of delivering real results for the families of the Greater Detroit region on the issues that matter most to them.

“I’m proud of my work with President Obama to successfully save thousands of local jobs by investing in our auto industry,” said U.S. Rep. Gary Peters. “Real leadership requires real results and that’s why I’m proud to run on my record of getting the job done for the hard working families of the Greater Detroit region. Having earned the endorsement of Michigan’s labor unions, nearly 50 Detroit clergy leaders and dozens of local elected officials from across this new 14th district, our momentum is building and, together, we’ll win on August 7th.”

In 2008, Peters worked with President Obama to save the auto industry by making sure they received the loans they needed to survive, succeed and grow – saving thousands of local auto jobs. As just one example of Peters work, GM’s Orion auto plant was able to avoid closing, saving 1,400 local jobs.

“Results” also highlights the broad support Gary Peters has earned from Michigan’s labor unions, including AFL-CIO, UAW, SEIU, AFSCME and MEA. And, just last week, Peters earned the strong and unequivocal endorsement of the Detroit Free Press, which said: “The best choice, by far, is U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, who has set a remarkable standard for effectiveness and influence as a legislator still fairly new to Washington” and that“Peters, hands down, is the best choice.”

Below is the complete list of endorsements Congressman Peters has earned from community leaders, labor unions, clergy leaders and local elected officials.


  • Detroit Free Press
  • Hamtramck Review

Labor Endorsements

  • Michigan AFL-CIO
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Michigan Council 25
  • American Federation of Teachers Michigan (AFT Michigan)
  • American Postal Workers Union Local 480-481
  • Communications Workers of America Local 4009
  • Communications Workers of America AFL-CIO Unified Council of Michigan
  • Detroit Building Trades Council
  • International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
  • International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324
  • Iron Workers Local Union 25
  • Laborers Local Union 1191
  • Michigan Association of Police Organizations (MAPO)
  • Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council
  • Michigan Education Association (MEA)
  • Michigan Laborers’ District Council
  • Michigan Maritime Trades Port Council
  • Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights
  • Michigan Teamsters Joint Council 43
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Michigan State Council
  • United Auto Workers (UAW)
  • United Steelworkers District 2
  • Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA)


  • Detroit Regional Chamber

Detroit Clergy

  • Pastor Benjamin Barnes
  • Reverend E.L. Branch
  • Reverend David Alexander Bullock
  • Minister Donzell Burns
  • Reverend Kenneth J. Flowers
  • Superintendent Ronald Griffin
  • Reverend Dr. Jim Holley
  • Pastor Daniel Houze
  • Reverend Alfred E. Johnson
  • Prophetess Tracy Joyner
  • Pastor Reginald M. Lane
  • Reverend Loyce Lester
  • Pastor Daniel Moore
  • Reverend Dr. Michael C.R. Nabors
  • Pastor Jimmie L. Parker
  • Reverend V. Lonnie Peek. Jr
  • Pastor Maurice Rudd
  • Pastor Thomas Rutherford
  • Bishop J. Drew Sheard
  • Bishop John H. Sheard
  • Reverend Horace L. Sheffield, III
  • Pastor Christopher Dwayne Sparks Sr.
  • Reverend Dr. William Thompson
  • Bishop Edgar L. Vann
  • Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn
  • Superintendent Marcus R. Ways
  • Reverend Van Wiley Jr.
  • Pastor Charles E. Williams II
  • Pastor Curtis C. Williams
  • Bishop Marvin L. Winans

Oakland County Clergy

Pastor Jonathan Combs
Pastor Douglas P. Jones
Bishop William H. Murphy

Community Leaders & Organizations

  • Henry Gaffney, President, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)
  • Rapheal B. Johnson, President of the Detroit 300
  • Toni McIlwain, President, Ravendale Community Center
  • Keith Stallworth, President, Black Caucus Foundation of Michigan

Elected Officials


  • Mayor Dave Bing, Detroit
  • Fmr. Deputy Mayor for Coleman Young & Fmr. Chief Judge, 36th District
  • ourt, Adam Shakoor, Detroit
  • Councilmember Andre Spivey, Detroit
  • Councilmember James Tate, Detroit
  • Fmr. Councilwoman Sheila Cockrel, Detroit
  • State Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi, Detroit
  • State Representative Thomas Stallworth, Detroit
  • State Senator Virgil Smith, Detroit


  • Council President Joan Seymour, Southfield
  • Council President Pro Tem Sidney Lantz, Southfield
  • Councilman & Fmr. Mayor Donald Fracassi, Southfield
  • Councilman Myron Frasier, Southfield
  • Clerk Nancy Banks, Southfield
  • State Sen. Vincent Gregory, Southfield
  • Fmr. Councilman Roy Bell, Southfield
  • Fmr. Oakland County Commissioner Eric Coleman, Southfield
  • Fmr. State Representative Maxine Berman, Southfield
  • Fmr. Superintendent, Marlene Davis, Southfield Public Schools


  • Council President Lee Jones, Pontiac
  • Councilman Randolph Carter, Pontiac
  • Councilwoman Mary Pietila, Pontiac
  • Councilman George Williams, Pontiac
  • Secretary Brenda Carter, Board of Education, Pontiac School District
  • Oakland County Commissioner Mattie McKinney Hatchett, Pontiac
  • State Rep. Tim Greimel, Pontiac
  • Fmr. State Rep. Hubert Price, Pontiac


  • Mayor Barry Brickner, Farmington Hills
  • Fmr. Mayor Jerry Ellis, Farmington Hills
  • Councilman Michael Bridges, Farmington Hills
  • Councilman Randy Bruce, Farmington Hills
  • Councilman Kenneth Massey, Farmington Hills
  • Vice President Karen Bolsen, Board of Education, Farmington Public Schools
  • Trustee Howard Wallach, Board of Education, Farmington Public Schools
  • Oakland County Commissioner Jim Nash, Farmington Hills
  • Fmr. Oakland County Commissioner Steve Schwartz, Farmington Hills
  • State Rep. Vicki Barnett, Farmington Hills


  • Supervisor Michele Economou Ureste, Township of West Bloomfield
  • Treasurer Teri Weingarden, Township of West Bloomfield
  • Trustee Lawrence Brown, Township of West Bloomfield
  • Trustee Gene Farber, Township of West Bloomfield
  • Trustee Steven Kaplan, Township of West Bloomfield
  • Trustee Howard Rosenberg, Township of West Bloomfield
  • Clerk Cathy Shaughnessy, Township of West Bloomfield
  • Secretary Raman Singh, Board of Education, West Bloomfield School District
  • Trustee David Einstandig, Board of Education, West Bloomfield School District
  • Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson, Township of West Bloomfield
  • Fmr. Oakland County Commissioner Karen Spector, Township of West Bloomfield
  • State Rep. Lisa Brown, Township of West Bloomfield


  • Mayor Dr. Karen Majewski, Hamtramck
  • Councilwoman Cathie Gordon, Hamtramck
  • Councilman Anam Miah, Hamtramck
  • Fmr. Councilman Phillip Kwik, Hamtramck


  • City Councilwoman Laurie Arora, Grosse Pointe Park


  • City Councilman Rich Shetler, Grosse Pointe Woods


  • Mayor Frank Brock Jr., Lathrup Village
  • Mayor Pro Tem Maria Mannarino-Thompson, Lathrup Village
  • Councilwoman Kelly Garrett-Johnson, Lathrup Village
  • Councilman Allen Weaks, Lathrup Village
  • Fmr. Councilman Kyrian Nwagwua, Lathrup Village


  • Councilman Paul Levine, Oak Park
  • Councilman Michael Seligson, Oak Park
  • Treasurer Menachem Hojda, Board of Education, Oak Park Schools
  • Secretary Kiesha Speech, Board of Education, Oak Park Schools
  • Oakland County Commissioner Helaine Zack, Oak Park
  • State Representative Ellen Cogen Lipton, Oak Park


  • City Councilman John Fletcher, City of Keego Harbor
  • City Councilman Eric Gubka, City of Keego Harbor
  • City Councilman Joel Yoder, City of Keego Harbor


  • Fmr. Trustee Mishelle Yvette Kennedy, Royal Oak Township


  • Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon, Wayne County
  • Wayne County Commissioner Jewel Ware
  • Wayne County Commissioner Burton Leland, Detroit


  • Treasurer Andy Meisner, Oakland County
  • Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, Oakland County


  • Fmr. Governor James Blanchard, State of Michigan

Other Endorsements

  • The Black Slate
  • Detroit Free Press
  • Humane Society Legislative Fund
  • Pakistani Democratic Caucus
  • Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan
  • VET PAC – Veterans’ Alliance for Security and Democracy
  • VoteVets
  • Wayne County Democratic Black Caucus
  • West Bloomfield Democratic Club

Detroit Free Press Endorses Congressman Gary Peters for new 14th District

Detroit, MI – Today, U.S. Congressman Gary Peters earned the strong and unequivocal endorsement from the Detroit Free Press in his race for Michigan’s new 14th district. With just 23 days until the August 7th primary, momentum continues to grow for Peters.

Below are key passages of the Detroit Free Press’ endorsement of Congressman Peters:

The best choice, by far, is U.S. Rep. GARY PETERS, who has set a remarkable standard for effectiveness and influence as a legislator still fairly new to Washington.

Peters… is on a clear path to leadership that could greatly enhance Michigan’s voice in Washington. That puts him head and shoulders above the competition in this race. On sheer accomplishments and potential, he is the most qualified by far.

But Peters’ campaign has taken him all across the sprawling district, and he has spent important, quality time getting to know the segments he would represent in Detroit. His endorsements from Detroit-based organizations — including the first ever for a white candidate from the Black Slate, the coalition that helped elect Coleman Young mayor in 1973 — speak to the inroads and trust he has already built.

Peters, hands down, is the best choice.

Freep: Congressman Peters helps stop student loan rates from doubling

Congress had to act by Sunday to keep the interest rates on any new federal-subsidized Stafford loans granted after July 1 from doubling from 3.4% to 6.8%. Projections were that the average student would have had to pay $1,000 more a year. A measure capping rates for another year cleared the House on a 373-52 vote.

“Making college more affordable and accessible for all of our children is one of my top priorities, that’s why I spent months leading the fight to stop Republicans from letting student loan interest rates double on July 1st,” said U.S. Rep Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Twp., one of co-sponsors of the Courtney-Peters bill that capped the interest rate. “I’m proud to help announce that by building a strong grassroots coalition, we were successfully able to pass an agreement. While there is still a lot of work left to do to make college more affordable, this deal is a step in the right direction.”

Free Press: So far, Peters ahead of rivals in diverse new congressional district

Kathleen Gray – What had the makings of an epic battle between two sitting congressmen is evolving into a one-sided race for the newly drawn 14th District congressional seat, which encompasses a large swath of Wayne and Oakland counties.

U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, a Democrat from Bloomfield Township, is beating all Democratic comers with ease in fund-raising and endorsements, including his congressional colleague, U.S. Rep. Hansen Clarke of Detroit. Other contenders for the seat include former state Rep. Mary Waters of Detroit and Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence.

To build his lead, Peters quickly reached out to labor unions — a key ingredient for Democratic campaigns, not only for financial help but for volunteers on the ground.

He has nurtured that relationship with meetings in Washington and appearances back home. When some key organized labor officials went to Washington to meet with lawmakers in February, Peters made himself available but Clarke didn’t, said Ed Sarpolus, a political consultant in Lansing. When the Trade Union Leadership Council held its annual Good Friday fish fry — a must-attend event for politicians at all levels — Peters, Waters and Lawrence made the rounds, but Clarke did not.

“It’s pretty amazing how quickly the labor vote coalesced behind one candidate,” he said. Supporters also are looking at accomplishments in Congress, said Joe DiSano of Main Street Strategies, a political consulting firm in Lansing.

“Gary Peters is seen as having a more reliable, steady hand on the wheel. On some of the financial reform stuff, Peters really made a mark,” he said. “I can’t tell you what Hansen Clarke has done, except propose some fairly preposterous policy stuff. Most people recognize that his ideas are pie in the sky.”

US News and World Report: Congressman Gary Peters works to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling in July

Over the next two days, President Obama is set to visit the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Colorado at Boulder. The president pitching an idea that even his presumptive Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney agrees with: Cuts to federal student loan interest rates cannot be allowed to expire on their July 1 deadline.

If legislators do not listen to the suggestion of their presidential hopefuls, federal Direct Stafford Loan interest rates will automatically double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent on July 1. Obama argues that allowing these rates to double would be a tremendous blow to people seeking higher education.
While the latest issue of Stafford interest rates will not on its own solve the student loan debt crisis or help anyone find a job, inaction poses a potentially serious problem to the next batch of employment-seeking college graduates, as it will further burden them with debt.

In Congress, Democratic Reps. Gary Peters of Michigan and Joe Courtney of Connecticut have introduced legislation to keep the Stafford interest rate at 3.4 percent. In a letter circulated around Capitol Hill last week and obtained by The Huffington Post, the congressmen write, “When Treasury bonds are being sold at 2 percent and mortgage rates can be had for less than 4 percent, it is outrageous to make college students pay two to three times the going interest rate. As parents and grandparents, it is unconscionable that we would even consider putting this burden on our children.”

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