Detroit, MI – Today, U.S. Congressman Gary Peters earned the strong and unequivocal endorsement from the Detroit Free Press in his race for Michigan’s new 14th district. With just 23 days until the August 7th primary, momentum continues to grow for Peters.

Below are key passages of the Detroit Free Press’ endorsement of Congressman Peters:

The best choice, by far, is U.S. Rep. GARY PETERS, who has set a remarkable standard for effectiveness and influence as a legislator still fairly new to Washington.

Peters… is on a clear path to leadership that could greatly enhance Michigan’s voice in Washington. That puts him head and shoulders above the competition in this race. On sheer accomplishments and potential, he is the most qualified by far.

But Peters’ campaign has taken him all across the sprawling district, and he has spent important, quality time getting to know the segments he would represent in Detroit. His endorsements from Detroit-based organizations — including the first ever for a white candidate from the Black Slate, the coalition that helped elect Coleman Young mayor in 1973 — speak to the inroads and trust he has already built.

Peters, hands down, is the best choice.