Bridging the 8 Mile Divide to Unite the Greater Detroit Region

The new 14th is the first Congressional district in decades to cross 8 Mile and it’s also the first in history to hold the county seats of both Oakland and Wayne County. While Republicans drew this new district for partisan gain, Gary Peters believes this new district can help us bridge the divisions of the past and work together to address our urgent needs. The success of Southeast Michigan is and always has been tied to the success of Detroit and, when it comes down to it, all of us want the same things for our families: more good-paying jobs in our region, a better opportunity for our children to succeed, and a fair chance for everyone in all of our communities to get ahead. Gary Peters gets it and with a long history of representing diverse communities like Pontiac, Southfield, and Oak Park, he has what it takes to be an effective voice for all of our communities.

  • Investing in a regional transit system to serve all: With gas prices climbing and too many Michiganders forced to rely on unreliable and unpredictable bus schedules, now is the time to make an investment in a regional mass transit system to serve families in all of our communities. By building a regional transit system, we’ll connect families to new jobs and opportunities, spur new economic development, and bring all of our communities closer. As our fighter in Washington, Gary Peters is committed to getting it done.
  • Ending the foreclosure crisis by helping families stay in their homes: Irresponsible behavior on Wall Street caused the financial crisis, but it’s millions of American families that are paying the price. The Greater Detroit region has been hit particularly hard by the foreclosure crisis and, to solve this problem, we need an effective leader like Gary Peters fighting for us. In Congress, Gary Peters is working with President Obama’s administration to help struggling homeowners stay in their homes by helping them qualify for mortgage modifications to lower their interest rates and cut their monthly payments. Peters is also fighting to implement a widespread principal reduction plan that would help millions of Americans who are underwater on their mortgage through no fault of their own see their principal balance reduced to more accurately reflect current market values.
  • Connecting local workers with local employers: To attract and sustain good paying jobs, we need to work together – that’s why Gary Peters is working to develop new public-private partnerships in our communities. By connecting local educational institutions with local employers, we’ll ensure that our workers are ready for the 21st century jobs of tomorrow. President Obama recently announced a new proposal to build 15 Institutes of Manufacturing Innovation around the country to achieve this goal and Gary Peters is working to bring area stakeholders together with leaders in Washington to build an auto manufacturing focused institute right here in Detroit.